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Bed Bug Bites: Symptoms and Treatments
Bed Bug Bite

How to Treat Bed Bug Bites and Find the Pest

The appearance of the bed bug bite is identical to a bad mosquito bite. There will be inflammation and swelling on the area. The skin will have a raised red bump which is extremely itchy. These bumps can be an allergic reaction to the anesthetic which is present in the saliva of the bed bug. Although, these bites are similar to the mosquito bites, they can stay visible for up to nine days. Also, these bumps will appear after a few days of bite for some people. Take note that some people do not have any reaction to the bed bug bite.


suck the blood

At first, the bite looks like a small red dot on the skin. You can even notice that it appears similar to a red rash. Swelling and intense itching can accompany these red bumps.

Usually, these bites are confined to a certain area of the body. However, there are plenty of instances in which bite marks can be found all over the body even the face and the forehead.

If these bugs are left undisturbed, they tend to feed on a person’s blood for at least two minutes and reach up to ten minutes. Once bed bugs pierce the skin to suck the blood, little amount of saliva is introduced.

This will result to feeling of itchiness and intense allergic reactions for some individuals. Since you are already aware of the appearance of bed bug bites, or dust mite bites you will no longer confuse them with the bites of other insects. learn more on www.provestradirect.com.

Symptoms of Bed Bug Bites

The most common symptoms of bed bug bites itchy, red bumps. The appearance of the bed bug bites could be in a tight line of numerous small red marks in the body.

Since bed bugs are known to be mostly solitary insects, numerous bites in one area will possibly indicate a single hungry bed bug.

Initially, the bite of the bed bug will cause a burning sensation which will develop into red bumps termed as papules or wheals later on. Several bites consist of huge wheals which will vanish in several days. In addition, there are a lot of bites which do not have visible marks and will remain unseen by the victim, read much more on www.skinceptiondirect.com.

Allergy to Bed Bug Bite

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There are only very rare cases reported of bed bug bite allergy. Nausea and illness are included in the bed bug bite allergy.

Scratching can result to an infection which has yellow, white or greenish pus. If this happens, immediate visit to the hospital may be necessary. In some extreme cases, the papules can become skin inflammations which appear like blisters.

Bed bugs dwell in bed frames, luggage, boxes, hotels, mattresses, homes, furniture and many more. Bed bugs are brilliant travelers and can conceal in a person’s luggage while going for a trip all over the world. They are able to survive for numerous months with no blood feed and will live happily in empty apartments.

They can crawl in the holes of walls and crevices and will remain there until their feeding time. Bed bugs usually leave a distinctive dark brown or black fecal mark on mattresses, bed linens, furniture, walls and any area where they go into hiding. This is considered to be the most important proof of their presence in the house.

Moreover, a home infested with bed bugs can have an almond-like odor or a rotten raspberry odor. If you want to know how to eliminate bed bugs, try to consult the pest control service.

It is my hope that you will know the answer to what is the appearance of bed bugs the next time you see tiny, itchy bumps on the skin which are red in color.