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A fire ant attaches to a person by biting with its jaws
Ant Bites

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Ants have relations with bees. As scavengers and predators, they play an important role in the ecology. But these insects can cause destruction by inflicting bites, invading the human habitat and damage crops. Biting is the ants’ method of attacking and defending. The term ant is taken from a German word which means the biter. Bear in mind that the severity of the ant bites will vary based on the species. Some species of ants can sting. The symptoms of ant bites can range from mild localized pain to grave conditions according to the ant species.

 Ant Species

Symptoms of Ant Bites as well as Ant Species

Aside from creating nuisance, ants are capable of inflicting bites which in some cases can be dangerous.

Although most ant species will cause only minor discomfort to people through biting, several species can result to severe symptoms. More often than not, they inject or spray chemicals such as formic acid when they bite.

This can give rise to the symptoms of ant bites such as swelling, pain, itching and more. If individuals are allergic to ant venom, the symptoms can become more severe and could also be life-threatening.

These people can have symptoms such as difficulty in speaking, excessive swelling, rapid pulse, incoherence, dizziness, difficulty in breathing, vomiting, incoherence and nausea. As previously mentioned, there are some ant species which can have very painful bites.

While there are some that are not known to be life-threatening, others are considered to be deadly to the victim.

Bullet ants from Central and South America cause stings which are known to be the most painful. However, these stings are not lethal to the normal humans. Although, the stings of jack jumper which is also termed as jumper ant, jumping jack or hopper ant of Australia may be deadly, an antivenin has already been developed for the treatment of these stings.

One of the most dangerous ants as much as symptoms of ant bites or bed bug bites are concerned is the fire ants. These hostile ants are distinctive since they have poison sacs which have piperidine alkaloids.

Once these chemicals are injected into the body, these will cause swelling, pain and severe itching. Bites of fire ants can be deadly to people with hypersensitivity. Continue reading to know more about whether flying ants bite.

Treatment of Ant Bites

Treatment of Ant Bites

At this time, you are already aware that the severity of the symptoms of ant bites will vary according to the ant species.

Those who are allergic to ant venom can have more severe symptoms and at times, could be life-threatening.

But in most cases of ant bites, the symptoms will recede within several hours. Anyone can also make use of a few remedies for ant bite such as tea tree oil, cucumber juice, onion slice, tea bags, aloe vera juice and many more. Before the application of any of these remedies, you need to clean the skin with soap and water.

If there is swelling, pustules, itchiness and more, never attempt to scratch the area since it will only cause infection. Swelling due to ant bites may be remedied by using ice packs. In case of severe hypersensitivity reactions such as nausea, trouble with breathing, hives, dizziness and more, bring the victim to an emergency room of a medical facility so that medical attention can be given at once. This is also applicable to ant bites that occur in toddlers and children.

Currently, you now have a basic idea about ant bites and the treatment of ant bites. All you need to do is to act immediately in order to obtain relief from the symptoms. You can choose to practice some home remedies or get lotions available over-the-counter for the ant bites.

In case of serious allergic reactions, medical attention should be sought at once. For other people, the symptoms will decrease after several hours. In case the symptoms will persist or become worse, contacting a doctor at once is a good idea.